Dear Mr. Pepe Crow:

Thank you for letting me know about the great work that you are doing on behalf of the Greatest Athletes. with the “World Star” and their picture on the sidewalk.  

Congratulations on such a constructive idea for the Sports World.

With warmest personal regards.

                                                                             PANCHO SEGURA

                                                                         Tennis Champion-Ecuador


                                                                                           Mr. Pepe Crow:

I read with enthusiasm your letter concerning the “World Sports Celebrities Pathway” project. It is a project that deserves the attention and support of everyone whose live have been affected in a positive way by their involvement in the Exciting World of Sports. Such a project is also an enormous undertaking and requires a great deal of of hard work and unwavering faith on the part of its organizers and tremendous acclaim and support from the public.  I sincerely hope that your efforts result in the establoishment of the ‘World Sports Celebrities Pathway” .

Please accept my best wishes for success as you move forward with this endeavor.

I hope one day to be able to walk through this Pathway of Glory.

                                                                      CHING-HUA LEE

                                                      Vice President/ Secretary General

                                                       Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee


                                                                 Mr. Pepe Crow:

Thank you for letting me know about your wonderful project “World Sports Celebrities Pathway”    Without a doubt, your is a fantastic dream and I shall be ready to extend to you my full support in order to accomplish such a laudable and praiseworthy project. The world of sports is a wonderful world and those of us who live in this world will appreciate your efforts to recognize and immortalize those athletes and sport Celebrities that have achieved great success around the world.

Pepe, please accept my full support. It will be an honor to be counted among your friends working on this grandiose idea.

                                                                            JAIME JARRIN

                                                  Broadcaster/Baseball Hall of Fame

                                                                     Los Angeles, California


                                                                    Dear Mr. Pepe Crow:

I commend your efforts in trying to achieve your dream of the “World Sports Celebrities Pathway”. It will enhance the beauty of the location; attract more tourism; generate a greater economy and at the same time it will be a great incentive to our youth for generations to come and will establish the place as the “Center of the Sporting World”.  I specially like the idea of an Annual World Sports Celebrities Parade,along the Pathway. If the participation of my world reknown “exotic” cars, can in any way make this parade a reality,  you can count on me all the way.  As you know,  I own film industry stunt cars, race cars and show cars, (the batmobile, the Flintstones’s cars; the longest Ferrari; the longest Lamborguini, as well  as the world’s longest limousine ( 100 ft, long)

Please accept my Best Wishes on your endeavor. Sincerely

                                                                                JAY OHBERG

                                                                    World famous Car Builder

                                                                          Los Angeles, California


                                                                               Mr. Pepe Crow

I am proud and excited to hear about all of the positive work you have been doing on behalf of the City of Los Angeles. Your idea have the power and position to make Los Angeles the Premier City for Sports recognition. I am sure that you are aware of my hopes to bring NFL Football back to the Los Angeles area. I hope that soon  we will all enjoy calling Los Angeles a Sports Mecca. 

The “World Star” will not only illustrate the great magnitude that sports has in Los Angeles , but the nation and the world. Your plan will highlight the talents of the many people from all cultures , races and nationalities who have helped to amplify sports today.

Again. I applaud and commend you for your ideas and efforts in creating such an important recognition for the sports world.     I confidently support this movement to bring the ‘World Stars” to Los Angeles, specifically surrounding the world renowned Memorial Coliseum, home of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games. It is only fitting that we continue to acknowlege the vast influence that sports has on our world.

Thank you for dedicating your efforts to such an important part of our culture.

I fully support and advocate this program as it provides our community  with a source of pride , and our nation with another important historical and world imprint. The “World Stars” will not only be a sense of pride for Americans, but for all cultures and nations.

Best of luck on this endeavor.

                                                                           BERNARD  C. PARKS


                                                                         Los Angeles City Hall


                                                             Hon: Antonio Villaraigosa:

                                                               Los Angeles City Mayor

The Consulate General of Ecuador presents its compliments to you, and respectfully request to you, dear Mayor, an audience of fifteen minutes in order to present to you the project of the “WORLD SPORTS CELEBRITIES PATHWAY” in the City of Los Angeles.

The “WORLD STARS UNLIMITED CORPORATION”, a non-profit Organization has created the “WORLD STAR” as tribute to the hundreds of men and women, wold’s greatest athletes, who have honor sports history, and woul like to have the appropiate sidewalk at the entrance of the Historic Los Angeles Olympic Memorial Coliseum, home of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games or at any other site that the City may consider appropiate to install them as a tribute to this Great City, one of the Sports Capitals of the World.

I hope that you will allow Mr.  Pepe Crow, Ecuadorian artist and me, the honor of presenting this project.

The Consulate of Ecuador avails this opportunity to renew the assurtances of its highest esteem and consideration.  Sincerely…

                                                                GILBERT ZAMBRANO MATA

                                                                   Consul General of Ecuador

                                                                       Los Angeles, California




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